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Return Policy

Return and exchange methods

Product appreciation period

Except for food that is easy to perish and has a short shelf life (will expire when returned/cancelled), customized products, current newspapers, periodicals or magazines, unpacked audio-visual products or computer software, game point cards, and other point cards , opened personal hygiene products and other products that are not applicable to the 7-day appreciation period according to the "Applicable Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Cancellation of Communications Transactions", you will have a 7-day product appreciation period from the time the product arrives in your hands (7 days include holidays) ).

If you need to return the product, please contact the customer service staff within 7 days of receiving the product, and provide the "name", "order number", "contact number", "return product name", "return reason and photo" and other information to the customer service staff We will assist you with returns and exchanges upon receipt.

 Customer service email: macyluxurycs@gmail.com

 Customer service hotline: +852 95701456

Return Instructions

Returned goods must be unused and have no damage or malfunction caused by non-human defects. The 7-day appreciation period guaranteed by the Consumer Protection Law is only for you to hesitate and confirm whether the product meets your needs, and is not a trial period for the product; such as this store If you are prompted, please keep the complete original packaging (including the outer carton), otherwise returns will not be accepted.

Returns cannot be accepted under the following circumstances:

The product appreciation period exceeds 7 days.

The product has been opened and used, or has been damaged due to human factors, such as stains, malfunctions, damage, wear, abrasions, scratches, and dirt.

The packaging of returned goods is damaged and incomplete, or the invoice and accessories are missing.

Malicious or mass returns.

Return process

Contact customer service staff → Confirm returnability → Prepare complete products and invoices → Provide collection time, contact information, and address → Recycling will be carried out by logistics entrusted by the store.

Refund instructions

Credit card payers: After confirming that the return is successful, the money will be directly refunded to the original payment credit card account.

Cash on delivery: After confirming that the return is successful, the refund fee will be transferred to the bank account you provided.

Exchange instructions

Exchange products must be unused and have no damage or malfunction caused by non-human defects; if the store prompts you, please keep the complete original packaging (including outer packaging carton), otherwise the exchange will not be accepted.

Exchange process

When you and the store mutually agree to exchange the goods, please return the original order and place a new order in the store; the company will only send you an invoice for the difference and collect or refund the fees; if not The difference will not need to be processed separately.